miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

. . . not surprised!

That specific point in life when you've experienced so many things, maybe in a short period of time or in a long one depending on your own way of living it, that you feel/think that nothing will take you by surprise. Think again, because there are still some things on the road that, if you close your mind thinking that way, you won't even realize that it's there. Some sooner, some later will come into account of this fact.

That spot in time and space makes you feel angry at yourself, perhaps as a psychological self-defense of your mind. Why? That's a very good question, it might be because if nothing takes your breath away in life, then you'll start to feel empty. People tend to take this in different manners, some react and start facing daily chores with a different attitude; some others start looking down at others so just that they feel better. These last type are those that always go mocking their closest people around them so that feel better themselves. The first type will simply come out of their own way and stumble at yours in order to let you know how they feel.

They'd wake you up in the morning with breakfast ready, kiss and hug as a greeting, and these type you should care the most.

I thank life that has given me the privilege of surrounding me with plenty of these people to remind me that there are still in fact many amazing things that life places on the road.

I'm enjoying my life at full indeed!

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